I find myself
not caring in the slightest
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expencive swedish vegan ice cream because I’m worth it

it literally says “wow no cow!” on the package lol

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i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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Belgium GP 2014

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Adulthood doesn’t mean you stop drinking juice pouches and eating fruit snacks. It means buying your own. 

and mixing them with vodka

At 3 in the morning while marathoning your favorite show because nobody can tell you to go to bed.

And then regretting your decisions the next morning.

Because you have to work.

and make more money to buy fruit snacks and juice pouches.

and vodka
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Ultimate proof that cats are smart !!! more smart cats«

Cat intelligence is actually a pretty interesting topic in that the majority of studies on the subject basically have to end in the conclusion "we just don’t know" because cats are among the most uncooperative research subjects of all time. We know a great deal of cat sight, having used cats as the archetype for a vision-focused vertebrate/mammal, but we still know very little about what really goes on inside the cat mind.

My cat knows how to turn doorknobs, solve simple puzzles for food, and wake me up in 12+ different ways thanks to a weirdly methodical study he conducted when he first moved in. He also tries to put me to bed when I’m up too late, and he’s learning to “sing” on command. 

But if I close the lid to the pizza box, I swear he forgets that pizza ever existed.


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So I recently noticed something about Tony Stark…



This man




lets anyone


drive him.


He literally


is always


the one in the drivers seat.


He has a chauffeur 


that he drives. 

And then I realized…


There’s probably


good reason


for that. 

That went from shocking to funny to depressing in the span of 5 seconds

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In response to the GoFundMe Campaign for Darren Wilson, people are asking GoFundMe to close the account due to the fact that it incites hate and obviously violates their terms and conditions

The donors and the comments attached to the campaign are sick and simply racist. They asking for the “Killing of N*****s”, “purging the savages” and to support a “fellow White” individual that has the right to murder Black people.

Pass this around. Report the Darren Wilson page as for the violation


I will add their contact info as soon as I find it. 

Reporting the page takes a bit of time (you have to navigate through a lot of pages before reporting it, then write a short note explaining why you’re reporting it) but it’s worth it. Please do it.

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i havent seen ANYONE discuss what fox news said about muslims. and the growing tension towards muslims after news stations saying they’re scared of ISIS sleeper cells in the US (because muslims are always, always targeted and bombarded with surveillance and locked up and killed under false pretenses of terrorism when this happens) and it fucking scares me so fucking much.

don’t ignore me.

If you study the history of Islam. Our ship captains were getting murdered. The French had to tip us off. I mean these were the days of Thomas Jefferson. They’ve been doing the same thing. This isn’t a surprise. You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. Its the only thing these people understand. And all we’ve heard from this president is a case to heap praise on this religion, as if to appease them. 

This is fucking outrageous.

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Kimi Raikkonen season 2002 appreciation post 

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