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"I never lost confidence"
Interview of Romain Grosjean, in the French Metronews, 14 November 2013, by Sebastien Coca

In a difficult position last year, the Formula 1 pilot Romain Grosjean had a wonderful 2013 year.

You’re having a beautiful season ending. The way the F1 world sees you has changed. It can’t leave you cold…
I won’t lie, it’s a real pleasure. When Mark Webber had insulted me last year [the Australian pilot had called him a “first round nutcase” after several crashes close to the start], I didn’t like it. So when he said that I had gotten better, I obviously enjoyed it.

Isn’t there still a feeling of revenge ?
No, I’m not into revenge. I was the one who suffered most from my problems during last year, and I just wanted it to never happen again. People talked about stress but it was much more complex than that. To manage to be efficient at such a high level, when you’re driving at 300k/h, it can come down to very little. I worked a lot and, above all, I never lost my confidence.

In India, at the end of October, you were in 20th position on the grid and you finished 3rd. An incredible ascent which confirms your ambition…
I never start a race without thinking about winning. Or else, I’ll stay home, I have other things to do on a Sunday. If you tell yourself the Red Bull is unbeatable and that you don’t even try to go and look for Vettel, it’s not even worth it to begin the race. And as the car is in good shape at the moment, this week end, as during the following one in Brasil, we’ll try to get a first victory or a new podium.

In Sakhir, what did you say to Vettel, who had just become world champion for the fourth time ?
I told Vettel that now he had to let the others win a bit. He laughed and answered that he wasn’t expecting to see me on the podium.

Do you think he could win seven world champion titles like Michael Schumacher ?
He is in a very strong team and he is a very good pilot. But next year, with the new rules, we don’t know what could happen. The games may change.

Speaking of next season, with whom would you like to team up, now that Kimi Räikkönen and Lotus’ adventure is over ?
Honestly, I don’t really care about who’s going to replace him. If it’s a fast pilot, it suits me. With Kimi Räikkönen we didn’t interact much because he’s a quiet guy. In a team, a teammate allows you to compare each other as you have the same cars. But on the grid, there are always 21 pilots that I want to beat. Teammate or not.

Translation from French by me, with the help of Nopermanence.

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